best under desk treadmill

A less expensive treadmill, such as the Citysports Treadmill will not be in a position to compete with an exercise facility. These treadmills are specifically designed for walking , and come with the highest quality of construction. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. You don’t need an extravagant, heavy-duty design to walk around at work.

A budget-friendly, well-constructed treadmill like the CitySports Treadmill is perfect for those who want to burn the calories while working. It is powered by a low-power motor that is quiet enough so as to keep you from being disturbed while you walk around on it.

Straight from the box

The best thing about the treadmill is its ease of use. It's not complicated. treadmill, and there's no uninteresting monitor that takes 30 minutes to install. The machine is simple to use. You just need to take it out of its container Press the power button, and it's ready to go. It's definitely one of my top walking treadmills and today we'll be looking at what it has to offer.

First a quick look at the product specs!

Specifications of the product

Product dimensions - 55.5 x 24.75 x 6 inches


Weight - 55lbs (25kg).


Speed ranges from 0.6% - 3.0mph (1-6km).


Max user height - 6'2''


Anti-shock system


Motor - 445W


Weight capacity - 250lb


Running belt size - 17'' X 43.3''

Why do we love the Citysports Treadmill?

The Citysports stroller is extremely slim and compact. It can be easily tucked away under a couch, bed or table. I know some users have managed to store this treadmill in their closets. This is an excellent option for those who have you have limited space. You can easily move the light device around by tilting and rolling on the wheels included for transport.

Good Length Running Belt For Price Point

The size of the belt is the most notable aspect of Citysport's compact treadmill. It is 43 inches wide x 17 inches and is quite impressive for a cheap compact desktop treadmill. The belt is just a few inches longer than others I've seen within this price range and 1 inch more wide. Although it's not something, it can make significant difference to the number of people who are able to use the machine.

A belt of 43 inches will allow those who are 6'2'' to stroll on the machine comfortably. users with a height of 6'' can utilize this belt length for faster-paced walking sessions that require greater walks. This extra inch helps users avoid walking over the belt's edge during their walks.

Large LCDs are easy to read

You wouldn't think this treadmill would come with advanced monitor capabilities. It's uncommon to find an under-desk treadmill with advanced features for monitors. The design of this treadmill isn't allow for them. The best treadmills also have basic monitors.

But, even if within this price category we'll are able to get the basics, the CitySports treadmill monitors your speed along with distance, time and calories and shows your exercise stats in a large LCD built into the running deck of the machine.

The remote control lets users to alter the speed of walking. The top speed is 3.8mph.

The treadmill comes Bluetooth equipped, and you have built-in speakers, which is a nice feature. There aren't any workout apps. This machine has a 540w motor, which is quiet. It's possible to watch TV or listen to music without having to worry about the sound of the machine.


How Often do I need to lubricate the Belt?

Citysports treadmill belts are pre-lubricated immediately out of the package. When you've taken the time to unbox your machine, there's no need to oil the belt. After unboxing, you should make sure to lubricate the treadmill belt at least every 60 miles. A neat little feature in the treadmill deck turns in red when the treadmill belt is in need of lubrication.

Do you think this treadmill will last?

Most treadmills will not last an entire lifetime. We can still do basic maintenance to ensure that the treadmill will last as long as is possible. Before starting your first walk, ensure that your treadmill is aligned. It is a good idea to do it once a week to vacuum the treadmill belt. This will keep dirt from getting into the motor. In addition, you should lubricate your treadmill belt whenever needed. There is a warning light on your treadmill, which means there won't be any issues.

Another factor that can prolong the life of your treadmill is not to go over the maximum recommended capacity for the treadmill. Because of their weak motors, it's a good idea for treadmills to be kept under the maximum recommended capacity. They'll not be able to handle heavy loads and will begin to wear out fast.

The treadmill is able to hold an maximum of 240lb. The treadmill's maximum capacity is about 200lbs.

CitySports treadmills can last for years provided you adhere to the guidelines.

Any Major Drawbacks?

This treadmill doesn't have any major problems. It's not expensive, yet it performs efficiently. Place it in your hands so it doesn't slip.

No Inclination

An incline feature is something I love to use when I run on my treadmill. It is a great way to burn off double the calories and strengthens my leg muscles. This treadmill is made to assist you in burning off calories. Working at a desk while running on an incline isn't a good idea, and most don't feature an inclined.

The machine is also light. Being light can be helpful in transferring and storing a treadmill, but its light design may make them seem a bit unstable because they lack that extra weight to help keep their feet on the floor. If you reside in an apartment, a treadmill mat can aid in stabilizing light treadmills.

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Deck Cushing System Reduces Joint Impact

While the Citysports treadmill does not have an anti-shock mechanism like the typical commercial treadmill, it does have cushioning on the deck, which is a positive thing. In any age, it's essential to safeguard your joints and, if you're looking to get away from exercising on hard-to-impact surfaces such as roads, a treadmill equipped with cushioning features is the ideal choice. Layers of padding are employed to help cushion the Citysports cushioning system. This could reduce the impact of each foot strike by as much as 40%.