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There is no way to make an item as durable like the Citysports Treadmill if you buy an unreliable treadmill. These treadmills are made to be used for walking, and the build quality will always be reflected in this. Still, this isn't good thing since it doesn't require an oversized sturdy design for walking around your desk.

The CitySports Treadmill is a quality treadmill at a reasonable price that's great for those who wish to burn calories while working. The motor's low power means it won't be loud enough to disrupt your walk and the zoom feature is a plus.

Straight out of the box

The simplicity of this treadmill is what makes it popular with people. It's easy to use and doesn't require an additional monitor that can take more than 30 minutes for setting up. It's simple to use. Just take it out of its box and press the power button, and you can go. It is certainly one of the best walking treadmills I've ever reviewed in the past, and today we'll take a look at the many features it offers.

Let's look at the specs of this product!

Specifications for the Product

Product dimensions - 55.5 x 24.75 x 6 inches


Weight 55lbs (25kg)


Speed - 0.6 - 3.8mph (1-6km)


Max user height - 6'2''


Anti-shock system


Motor - 405W


Weight capacity of 220 pounds


Running belt size - 17'' X 43.3''

Why Do We love the Citysports Treadmill

The Citysports stroller is extremely compact and light. It can be tucked away under a table, couch, or mattress. I've heard that some people have managed to keep this treadmill in their closet. This is fantastic news to those who are limited on space. It is easy to move the light device around by tilting and rolling on the wheels included for transport.

Good Length Running Belt For Price Point

What's perhaps more remarkable with Citysport's compact treadmill is the belt's size. It measures 43 inches x 17 inches, which is impressive considering that it's only a desktop treadmill. It's slightly longer than the standard belts in this price range. It's also slightly wider. While it may not seem like much but it makes a huge difference in the number of people that can benefit from your machine.

A belt of 43 inches will allow those who are 6'2 inches to walk on the machine comfortably, and those who are 6'' may use a belt this length for faster-paced walking sessions that require larger strides. That extra inch of belt width will help prevent users from stepping off the edge of the belt during the middle of their session.

Easy To Read Large LCD

You wouldn't think this treadmill could have the latest monitor capabilities. It's very rare to find an Under-Desk Treadmill with advanced monitor features.

However, even in this price bracket we receive the basics and features, the CitySports treadmill keeps track of your speed and distance, time, and calories . It displays your workout stats on a huge LCD embedded into the running deck of the treadmill.

The remote control lets you to adjust speed while walking. Maximum speed is 3.8 miles per hour.

Bluetooth connectivity is accessible when you are on the treadmill. Also, built-in speakers are a great touch. There aren't any workout applications. The machine's motor is only at 540W, which makes it silent. The machine's noise isn't too loud to permit you to watch television or listen to music.


How often do I need To Lubricate The Belt?

Citysports treadmill belts come pre-lubricated straight out of the box. It has already been pre-lubricated by the factory. After unboxing, lubricate the treadmill belt every 60 miles. The treadmill deck comes with an enticing feature that turns on when the treadmill belt gets dirty.

Will this treadmill last?

Treadmills won't last very long. Still, we can do some basic maintenance to ensure the treadmill stays running for as long as is possible. Prior to your first exercise, make sure that the belt is centered. Every week, I think it's good to clean the treadmill belt and vacuum under it. This will help stop any dirt from getting into the motor. Make sure you lubricate the treadmill belt, if necessary. There's a warning lamp on your treadmill, which means you shouldn't face any issues.

The treadmill's maximum recommended capacity will also help prolong its useful life. A treadmill that has a low capacity motor is likely to end up failing, therefore it's a good idea not to exceed its maximum capacity.

The treadmill has an maximum of 240lb. The treadmill's actual capacity is 200lbs.

If you adhere to all of the abovetips, the CitySports treadmill will last for many years of use.

Any Major Drawbacks?

I'm not able to find any major drawbacks with this treadmill. Even though the remote isn't exactly luxurious It works efficiently. Make sure that you hold it flat in your hands and not in a slant. In the wrong way, it will not perform as it should.

No Inclination

An incline feature is one I love using on my treadmill. It helps to burn twice as many calories and helps strengthen my legs muscles. It's an under-desk treadmill that is intended to help you burn some calories, and that's all there is to it. It's impossible to work at your desk while you run on inclines, so many don't have one.

Additionally, the treadmill is very light. Being light can be helpful for moving and storing a treadmill, but its light model can seem a bit unstable because they lack that extra weight to keep them planted to the floor. If you reside in an apartment or have a treadmill mat, it can help stabilize treadmills with light weights.

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Deck Cushing System – Lowers the impact on joints

While the Citysports treadmill isn't equipped with an anti-shock mechanism like an commercial treadmill, however, it has cushioning for the deck. This is a good thing. In order to keep your joints safe, it is crucial at any age. If you're not keen to run on the roads or other hard flooring, then a treadmill equipped with a cushioning mechanism is the best choice. Layers of padding are employed to cushion the Citysports cushioning system. It is able to reduce the impact of every foot strike by as much as 40%.