mini treadmill under desk

A low-cost treadmill like the Citysports Treadmill will not be capable of competing with an exercise facility. These machines are made for walking and the build quality will reflect the fact that. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It doesn't require an extravagant, heavy-duty design for walking around your desk.

The CitySports Treadmill is a sturdy, budget-friendly treadmill that's great for those who want to burn calories while at work. Because it has a low-power motor It's quiet enough that it won't disturb you on the phone while you're walking around on it.

Straight out of the box

The thing that most people will appreciate the most about this treadmill is how easy it is to operate. This machine is simple to operate and doesn't require an expensive monitor that takes more than 30 minutes to set up. You can take it straight from the box, hit the power button and get going. It's one of the most impressive walkers I've seen. Today we'll take a look at what it can offer.

Take a look at these specifications for the product!

Specifications for the product

Product dimensions - 55.5 x 24.75 x 6 inches


Weight - 55 pounds (25 kg)


Speed of 0.6-3.8mph (1-6km).


Max user height - 6'2''


Anti-shock system


Motor 445W


Weight capacity: 220 lb


Running belt size - 17'' X 43.3''

Why do we love the Citysports Treadmill?

The first thing I observed about the Citysports walking treadmill is how thin and small it is. It can be easily tucked away under a sofa, bed or table. I've heard from people who were able to put the treadmill in their closets. This is a great option if the space is limited. Also, it's light. Moving it is a breeze, just tilt and roll on the wheels of the transport system to move it.

Good Length Running Belt For Price Point

What's perhaps more remarkable about the Citysport treadmill's compact design is the belt size. It's 43 inches x 17 inches that's impressive considering it's a tiny desktop treadmill. It's a bit longer than the typical belt in this price bracket. It's also a bit wider. Although it might seem like a lot, this makes a significant distinction in the amount of users who are able to use the machine.

A belt of 43 inches will allow those who are 6'2'' to walk around the machine in a comfortable manner, and users up to 6'' are able to use this belt length to walk faster and require longer strides. The extra inch in width of the belt is designed to prevent users from getting on the belt's side during a walk.

Large LCD Easy To Read

You wouldn't think this treadmill would have advanced monitor capabilities. It's uncommon to find an under-desk treadmill with advanced monitor features. The design of this treadmill isn't permit them. Even high-end treadmills have basic monitors.

Still, even if in this price category we'll receive the basics that the CitySports treadmill monitors your speed, time, distance, as well as calories, and will display your workout statistics on a huge LCD built into the running deck of the machine.

It is possible to control everything with the remote control. This allows you to change the speed of your walk. The top speed is 3.8mph.

Bluetooth is accessible on the treadmill, as well as built-in speakers. Unfortunately, there are not any workout programs. The machine's motor is only 560w, which is silent. It's possible to watch television and listen to music without being disturbed by the noise of the machine.


How often do I need to Lubricate the Belt?

The Citysports walking treadmill belt is pre-lubricated at the factory. Once you've unpacked your machine, there is no need to lubricate the belt. After unboxing, make sure to lubricate the treadmill belt at least at least every 60 miles. The treadmill deck is equipped with a handy feature that illuminates red to indicate that the treadmill belt is lubricated.

Is This Treadmill Durable?

Most treadmills won't last an entire lifetime. To ensure that your treadmill runs for as long as you can, there are the most basic maintenance to be done. Before beginning your first walk, be sure that your treadmill is placed. It's best to schedule a time to once a week vacuum the treadmill belt. This will stop debris from getting inside the motor. The most important thing is to ensure that the treadmill belt is lubricated when necessary. You'll see a warning indicator on the treadmill to ensure you won't have any problems.

A treadmill's capacity to its maximum is one of the things that can increase its longevity. Due to their weak motors it's best for treadmills to be kept below the recommended maximum capacity. They'll not be able to handle the weight of heavy loads and will begin to wear out fast.

This treadmill has a maximum weight of 240 pounds. It is more accurate treadmill maximum weight is 200 lb.

If you adhere to all of the suggestions above, the CitySports treadmill should last years of usage.

Any Major Drawbacks?

I can't find any major drawbacks with this treadmill. It's cheap, but it works efficiently. Keep it in your palm so it won't slide.

No Inclination

A treadmill that comes with an incline feature is one that I really enjoy using. When you walk on an incline, it produces twice as much energy and strengthens the muscles in your legs. This treadmill is made to aid in burning calories. Most treadmills don't offer an inclined slope, since it is difficult to walk when working on a computer.

Finally, this treadmill is extremely light. While light weight is an advantage in the transport and storage of a treadmill, it can make them feel unstable since they lack the weight to keep them on the ground. I find with light treadmills that treadmill mats help maintain stability and a mat also helps to absorb a lot of the vibrations from the workout, which is handy if you live in an apartment.

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Deck Cushing System - Reduces Impact on Your Joints

Even though the Citysports treadmill doesn't have an anti-shock system as a commercial treadmill it does come with cushioning for the deck, which is a good thing. The importance of protecting your joints is regardless of stage of life. If you're not keen to exercise on hard roads or other flooring, then a treadmill with a cushioning system is the best choice. The Citysports cushioning system is constructed from layers under the belt. It reduces the force of every foot strike by around 40%.