portable treadmill for under desk

Don't expect a treadmill as good as the Citysports Treadmill if you buy an unreliable treadmill. These are made for walking and the design and build will show this. But, it's not an issue since there is no need for a sturdy design for walking around your desk.

If you're looking to lose weight while doing at the use of a properly-built treadmill such as the CitySports Treadmill would be a excellent choice. It has a low-power motor that is quiet enough so as to not bother you as you stroll on it.

Straight from the box

The most popular thing people will like the most about this treadmill is how simple it is to operate. There's nothing complex about this machine, no annoying monitor that requires 30 minutes to set up. It's simple to operate. Take it out of its packaging and press the power button, and you're ready to go. It's definitely one of the best walking treadmills I've ever reviewed Today we'll take a closer examine the features it has to offer.

Have a look at these product specifications!

Specifications of the product

Product dimensions - 55.5 x 24.75 x 6 inches


Weight - 55 lbs (25 kg)


Speed of 0.6-3.8mph (1-6km).


Max user height - 6'2''


Anti-shock system


Motor 445W


Weight capacity: 220 lb


Running belt size - 17'' X 43.3''

Why Do We love the Citysports Treadmill

The Citysports walking machine is extremely compact and slim. It can easily be stored under the bed, sofa, or table. Some have been able to keep the treadmill in their closet. This is fantastic news for those who are short in space. It's light and therefore it's easy to move it. Simply turn the wheels to move it.

Good Length Running Belt For Price Point

The belt's size is the most remarkable thing about Citysport's compact treadmill. The belt measures 43" x 17" This is impressive for a compact desktop treadmill. It's more than the average belt within this price bracket. The belt is a bit wider. Although it's not an issue, it could make a huge difference in the people who can use the machine.

A belt of 43 inches can allow people up to 6'2'' to stroll on the machine with ease, and users with a height of 6'' may use a belt this length to walk faster and require longer strides. That additional inch of belt width can help prevent users from stepping off the edge of the belt during the middle of a workout.

Large LCDs are simple to read

This treadmill doesn't have any advanced monitor features that's a bit surprising considering the price. It's rare to come across an Under-Desk treadmill equipped with the latest features for monitors.

But, even if within this price category we'll are able to get the basics such as the CitySports treadmill measures your speed, time, distance, as well as calories, and shows your exercise stats on a huge LCD built into the running deck of the machine.

It is possible to control everything with the remote control. It allows you to alter your speed as you walk. The maximum speed is 3.8 miles per hour.

Bluetooth is accessible on the treadmill and also built-in speakers. However, there aren't any fitness programs. The machine is quiet with a motor that runs at 540w. The machine is so quiet that you are able to watch television or listen to music.


How often do I need to lubricate the Belt?

Citysports' walking treadmill belt is pre-lubricated when it arrives at the factory. Once you've unpacked your machine, there is no need to grease the belt. The treadmill belt needs to be lubricated 60 miles. A useful feature in the treadmill deck flashes to red when the treadmill belt requires lubrication.

Is This Treadmill Durable?

Most treadmills will not last a lifetime. There are still ways to perform basic treadmill maintenance to ensure that the treadmill will last as long as is possible. Prior to your first walking session, be sure to make sure that the belt is in alignment. Every week, I find it's a good idea to clean the treadmill belt and vacuum under it. This can help stop any dirt from getting into the motor. Last but not least, make sure that youlubricate the treadmill belt as needed. The treadmill is equipped with an indicator light to ensure you don't need to worry about issues.

Another factor that can prolong the lifespan of your treadmill is to not to go over the maximum recommended capacity for the treadmill. Because of their inefficient motors it is a good idea to keep treadmills below the recommended maximum capacity. They won't be able to handle heavy loads and will eventually wear out.

The treadmill can carry the capacity to support a weight of 240lbs. A more realistic treadmill's maximum weight is 200 pounds.

If you adhere to all of the above, the CitySports treadmill should last years of usage.

Any Major Drawbacks?

I can't find any major disadvantages to this treadmill. It feels cheap but works very well. Make sure to keep it in your hand so it won't slide.

No Inclination

A feature I like to use on a treadmill but it's not available on the Citysports treadmill is an incline function, because walking on an inclined surface burns twice as many calories and strengthens those hard-to-train leg muscles. The treadmill is only designed to help you burn off some calories, and it can be utilized under a desk. It's not practical to work at a desk as you walk on an inclines, so many don't have one.

The machine is also light. It is easy to transport and store a treadmill. But, they may feel unstable due to their light weight. I find with light treadmills that treadmill mats help to keep the treadmill stable, and also, a mat helps to absorb much of the vibration from your exercise routine, which can be handy if you live in an apartment.

Sunny Health & Fitness offers the top treadmill mats available at just a fraction of the cost. The link is below.

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Deck Cushing System – Reduces the impact on joints

The Citysports treadmill is not equipped with an anti-shock mechanism like that you'd find on a treadmill. However it does feature deck cushioning. In any age, it's essential to safeguard your joints as well as to get away from exercising on hard-impact surfaces like roads, a treadmill equipped with cushioning technology is the ideal choice. The Citysports cushioning system is built from layers under the belt. It is able to reduce the force of impact by 40% for each foot strike.