portable treadmill under desk

It isn't possible to expect the same quality treadmill like the Citysports Treadmill if you buy an inexpensive treadmill. These machines are made specifically for walking and their build quality will reflect that. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It doesn't require massive, high-end designs for walking around your desk.

The CitySports Treadmill is a well-built, affordable treadmill which is ideal for those who would like to burn off some calories at work. It's got a motor with low power that is quiet enough so as to not disturb you while you run on it.

Straight From the Box

The simplicity of this treadmill is what makes it popular with people. This machine is simple to use and doesn't require a monitor that takes more than 30 minutes to setup. It is easy to take out of the box , and then press the power button. It's definitely one of the best walking treadmills I've tested and today we'll take a take a look at the many features it offers.

A quick glance at the product specs!

Specifications for the Product

Product dimensions - 55.5 x 24.75 x 6 inches


Weight - 55lb (25kg)


Speed - 0.6-3.8mph (1-6km).


Max user height - 6'2''


Anti-shock system


Motor - Motor - 440W


Weight capacity of 220 pounds


Running belt size - 17'' X 43.3''

Why do We love the Citysports Treadmill

First, I was impressed by the Citysports treadmill's compact size. It can be stored under a couch, table, or the bed. I've heard from people who are able to keep the treadmill in their closets. This is fantastic news if the space is limited. It's also light and moving it's easy, just tilt it and then roll on the built-in wheels for transport to move.

Good Length Running Belt For Price Point

The belt's size is the most impressive feature of Citysport’s compact treadmill. It is 43 inches wide x 17 inches and is quite impressive for a compact and affordable desktop treadmill. It's a bit longer than the average belt within this price bracket. The belt is slightly larger. Although it's not much, it can make a huge difference in the people who can use the device.

For faster walking sessions, a 43" belt is adequate for those who are 6'2'' or greater. The extra inch in width of the belt is designed to prevent users from crossing the belt's side during a session.

Large LCD Displays that are Easy to Read

You wouldn't think this treadmill could have the latest monitor capabilities. It's very rare to come across an Under-Desk treadmill equipped with the latest features for monitors.

The CitySports treadmill is still reasonably priced it tracks your speed and distance. A large LCD monitor which is integrated into the running deck, displays your workout statistics.

All of it is controlled with remote controls, so it is possible to change the speed when walking. The top speed is 3.8mph.

The treadmill comes Bluetooth enabled, and you have built-in speakers that are a great feature. However, there aren't any fitness programs. The motor of the machine is at 540W, which makes it silent. The machine isn't so loud that you can still watch TV or listen to music.


How Often Do I Have to Lubricate the Belt?

The Citysports walking treadmill belt comes pre-lubricated from the factory. It's already pre-lubricated at the factory. The treadmill belt must be lubricated at least 60 miles. The treadmill deck comes with a handy feature that illuminates red to signal when the treadmill belt is lubricated.

Does This Treadmill Durable?

A majority of treadmills won't last for an entire lifetime. In order to keep your treadmill running for as long as you want to do, there is essential maintenance steps to be done. Before you begin your first walking workout, make sure to make sure that the belt is in alignment. Each week, I find it is a good idea to allow the treadmill belt to be cleaned and vacuumed. This helps to prevent dirt or debris from getting inside the motor. In addition, you should lubricate your treadmill belt whenever it is required. You have a warning light on the treadmill to ensure you shouldn't face any issues.

The maximum capacity of a treadmill is one aspect that will make it last longer. A treadmill that is running with a lower capacity motor will eventually fail, so it is a good idea not to go over the limit of its capacity.

This treadmill has the maximum weight of 240 lb. A more realistic treadmill maximum weight is 200 lb.

The CitySports treadmill can last for years if you follow the guidelines.

Any Major Drawbacks?

I'm not able to find any major drawbacks with this treadmill. The remote does not feel expensive however it's a good device ensure that you keep it flat in your hands and not tilted to the side; otherwise it won't work as it should.

No Inclination

A treadmill that has an incline feature is something I truly enjoy using. Walking on an inclines will burn twice as many calories and helps strengthen your leg muscles. The treadmill was designed to help you burn off some calories and is able to be used under the desk. It's not practical to work at a desk and walk on an inclines, so many don't have one.

Additionally, the treadmill is lightweight. Although light weight is a plus in the transport and storage of a treadmill, it could make them feel unstable as they don't have the extra weight to ensure they stay in place. If you live in an apartment and have a treadmill mat in place, it could help to stabilize light treadmills.

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Deck Cushing System - Reduces Impact on Your Joints

The Citysports treadmill does not come with an anti-shock device like the ones you'd find on treadmill. However, it does have deck cushioning. It's crucial to protect your joints throughout the ages. A treadmill equipped with cushioning will enable you to keep from exercising on high-impact surfaces such as roads. Layers of cushioning are utilized to cushion the Citysports cushioning system. It is able to reduce the force of impact by 40% per foot strike