Treadmill conscience suggestion, 3 elements take you to avoid pits

If you buy a treadmill, you are not afraid that you will not use it, but you are afraid that the machine will often break down‼ ️How to choose to avoid pits to the greatest extent? Professionals will say these three points: horsepower, running bandwidth and shock absorption. Only when the basic configuration meets the standard will it be used more and more. The specific indicators are as follows:

⭐️⭐️⭐️HP not less than 2.0: The horsepower here refers to continuous horsepower CHP, not HP. The two are completely different. You can understand CHP as endurance, which is approximately equal to average strength, while HP is explosive power, which is fleeting , if the treadmill has enough carrying capacity, smooth operation and long life, CHP is recommended to be greater than 2.0🔥

⭐️⭐️⭐️The running belt is not less than 46: many home machines have reduced the size of the machine in order to not occupy the space, and the width of the running belt will be smaller. Although it does not seem to occupy the space, the running feeling is greatly affected. We will not run. It has always been a straight line, and a little deviation is normal, so the running width is wider and the tolerance is better. Not only the running feeling is comfortable, but also the safety can be improved. It is recommended to use 46cm as the bottom line 🏃

⭐️⭐️⭐️Shock absorption is better than none: if you don’t want to have knee pain at a young age, and you don’t want to be complained by the neighbors downstairs for loud noise, then shock absorption is essential! Shock absorption, as the name suggests, is to reduce the shock during running. Recall that when we run on concrete, whether it is easy to foot pain or even butt pain when we land, this is the feeling of rebounding the impact force. Shock absorption can eliminate most of the impact force, and running also more comfortable 🍀

A treadmill with these three points is basically qualified, but the price is naturally a bit more expensive💰, but since you are ready to run for a long time, it is more worthwhile to have more budget, after all, the ease of use and durability of the machine are more important